Although this informal style of betting is hardly the same as placing larger bets with illegal local bookies, the truth is that there is a possibility that a bet between friends could be used against you in a court of law.

Can you bet on the NFL in another country from America?

You can bet on horses in the Unites States legally, but what about other types of sports? For instance, are you thinking about betting on the NFL this year? The big fuss between New Jersey and the NCAA has certainly brought up question marks in many people’s minds about the legality of their past Playoffs bet. If you want to stay on the safe side of the law, use solid resources such as Cornell University’s online legal guide to gambling and avoid advice from websites that do not have an academic background.

With the exception of the Louisiana Saints bounty scandal, we can thank lawmakers of the past for our accurate athletic performances. Instead, a few states do give their citizens a chance to bet legally online on the NFL and with a “winner takes all” gambling scheme that is commonly associated with charity fundraisers. Although you made your initial deposit with the corporate credit card, your boss said that whatever you win or lose is a gift. Later that week, you return to the US and want to check out the results of your NFL bet. Did you do anything illegal?

The history of sports betting in America

Despite the fact that off-the-books betting is generally illegal, Americans are not necessarily limited to horse betting. Other areas of America with online NFL betting privileges include Native American territories. Most of the time, when an American tries to sign up for an account for betting on the NFL with a website that is outlawed for Americans from particular states, the website will refuse to load for the user due to the bettor’s IP address.

How to tell if an NFL betting website is legal

You have created a new user account on a recent trip to Europe where NFL betting is legal. Sadly, as a writer for, I know that people often do not realize they participated in illegal betting in the first place because most Americans view most gambling as harmless entertainment. The biggest exception is gambling covered by charity laws; otherwise, your criminal record may be at risk for illegal betting if you don’t have your facts straight.

The bare bones rules for offline NFL betting

Although internet betting rules on sports vary between states, the truth is that there may be a few fledging websites that manage to illegally bend the rules and get your NFL bet. Unfortunately, these laws were put into place for good reasons and most of them were connected to mafia activity. You and your friends are planning on watching the big game and you each have $100 on the winner. In spite of this ban on sports betting, the exception always leans in favor of horse racing. Although few people are going to find themselves in the aforementioned scenario, the idea is that it is possible to make a few mistakes with NFL betting online. In most cases, websites that disobey American internet betting rules are blocked completely to US citizens. We also tend to think that no one is being paid to under-perform or throw the game.

However, once you have a general idea of what is accepted in a court of law, you will be on your way to having fun — all while maintaining a reputation that allows you to run for public office. Mainly, the idea is that a horse cannot be talked into throwing a race, and, if the horse has been manipulated, it is easier to suss out.

The good news is that shady betting websites are almost always inaccessible to Americans. For this reason, you take the $2000 you won and send it to your Paypal credit card. . Whether it is between friends, with your favorite celebrity, online, or with a local bookie; it pays to know the rules before you place a bet on an NFL game. In the meantime, no one is thinking about illegal betting because it is just between friends.

It can seem like the American government is being a real spoil-sport when it comes to betting on the NFL and other sports. You log on to the website and withdrawal your winnings. If all else fails, using a major credit card ensures you get your money back if a website is indeed fraudulent. This means that if you can access the website, open an account, and use a credit card to make your initial deposit; you are likely betting on the NFL legally. Of course, I am not a lawyer or academic, and this means you should finalize any of your betting legality questions with a law professional. For this reason, if you live in a state where it is allowed, you can sign up for a betting account and the website will be located in one of the Native American territories or a state where NFL betting is legal.

Depending on where you live, the answer may be yes. Regardless, getting paid for your bet might not happen because the website gets shut down for accepting illegal bettors. The money is on the coffee table where it will sit until the game is over. Your new boss is from Belgium and he has encouraged you to place a bet at a website he likes with the company credit card. Today, we assume that all the statistics for sports teams and individual athletes are trustworthy