The Hub was held out for over 2 days, then allowed back, the warning’s still there, and I’m still waiting for a reply to my emailed questions. Damn shame.


Good luck with that, WryLilt, I had a new hub unpublished an hour or so after publication almost a week ago; I ignored an auto warning that it appeared to be about gambling; because it wasn’t, (the words ‘pay real money’ are in the headline, so I guess that would be the reason, but the topic is copywriting) also because it contained a questionable image, (the email virtually threatened the wrath of God if I ever transgressed again) and had an unacceptable affiliate link. Unilateral decision-making, bureacratic attitude, dismissive of Hubber’s concerns? Sure as sh*t seems that way to me. I fixed the pic in an hour, continued to ignore the warning, because it’s irrelevant, deleted the affiliate link, resubmitted the piece for moderator approval to republish, and wrote a polite email apologising for the image transgression, (it was an error), and asking for clarification re the affiliate link