Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen said earlier today that there is a “potential path” for a new agreement between the companies.

Both Viacom and Dish warned that a blackout was a serious possibility. They’ve been operating under an extension of the contract that expired in January, while negotiating a new deal. Dish still beamed Viacom’s content as of 9:50 PM Pacific (12:50 ET),

But he added that Dish is “prepared to move on as Suddenlink and others have done.” The small cable distributor and Cable One say that their bottom lines improved after dropped Viacom.. But Viacom told Dish earlier this week it would not go beyond midnight tonight.

Dish has prepared content to replace Viacom channels, Ergen added.

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Neither company commented.

Viacom said it had “made every effort to negotiate a renewal.”

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Despite two days of tough talk, Viacom’s channels remained up on Dish Network past the 12:00 PM ET expiration of their carriage agreement