The Los Angeles Angels outfielder is followed by Carlos Correa (4-1), Josh Donaldson (5-1) and Manny Machado (8-1). For decades, Nevada books were prohibited from offering wagers on events decided by a vote, but the NGC recently became more lenient on what it will allow. The baseball awards are determined by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Trout is listed at 5-2 to win the American League MVP. For the Cy Young, Sale is 4-1 to win in the AL, followed by Felix Hernandez (5-1), David Price (6-1), Corey Kluber (6-1) and Dallas Keuchel (8-1), while Kershaw leads the way in the NL race at 2-1, followed by Chicago Cubs ace Jake Arrieta (4-1).

Last week, the Nevada Gaming Control approved a request by sportsbook operator William Hill to offer betting on baseball’s postseason awards. Betting on the winner of the Heisman Trophy and the Super Bowl MVP, for example, also took place for the first time in Nevada during this past football season.

Sportsbooks also can offer odds on rookie of the year and manager of year awards. Harper is 5-2 to win the National League MVP. The Washington Nationals slugger is followed by Giancarlo Stanton (9-2) and Buster Posey (8-1).

Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are the favorites to win the MVP, and Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale are the favorites to win the Cy Young Award in their respective leagues — and while none of that should come as a surprise, the odds for those four players and dozens more are now available to be bet on for the first time ever in Nevada.