You pick a book, Ill pick a book. Whats your first selection, good sir?

Brian Grubb:Loose Balls: The Short, Wild Life of the American Basketball Association, by Terry Pluto

2) I asked for this book for Christmas one year, and my mom walked up to a soon-to-be-confused Barnes & Noble employee and said, Excuse me do you have Loose Balls? Top five book of all time based on that moment alone.

So lets take the approach weve normally been taking. And well just keep going and see where we end up. In the pre-Wikipedia age, you couldnt just go down a search rabbit hole to learn a ton. If I wanted to know about a player, sometimes all I had was his ghostwritten autobiography, or a fun David Halberstam book.

Two reasons:. Its about time we get intellectual with it. You really havent lived until youve read about the exploits of Marvin Bad News Barnes.

best sports books of all time

Martin Rickman:Weve done movie songs.Weve discussed karaoke. I dont know about you, but those were gateway books for me. Weve even fixed the pro bowl. Itll be great.

1) Its a fun look at a really wild time in basketball history, and if youre looking for a book to read this summer while sitting out on your patio with a beer or iced tea, you could do a whole lot worse. Lets talk about books. Sports books. I read a ton when I was little anyway, and this helped get me into history in general