Jockey silks are matched to the horses masks, if worn, and numbered saddle blankets. If so, those holding winning tickets will leave the track with big grins and bulging pockets.

The horse with the lowest odds is the most common bet.

5. Why not be adventurous and follow your own intuition? Even top horse racing handicappers are left scratching their heads when an unexpected horse wins a big race.

3. Rags to Riches took the Belmont Stakes in 2007.

Unless you pick the high-priced wagering windows, the minimum straight bet is usually $2. Choose your lucky number.

This content is copyrighted. Look for a long shot. Disney fans scored, betting on Animal Kingdom in the Kentucky Derby in 2011.

Horse racing is a gamble for all, from riders to owners and trainers and wagering spectators. If you dont follow horse racing, scan the daily program for a title that tickles you, and stick with it.


Betting on the horse with the highest odds may not prove prudent, but an entry with healthy odds may seize the day. The top-rated horse may win, but this only happens about one third of the time, and the payout is the least of the lot. However, if a long-shot racer is the victor, so much the better. Jump for the jockey you like best. Ill Have Another grabbed the Preakness Stakes in 2012. Just smile all the way to the betting window to collect your winnings, if you strike it big.

10. If you have a favorite jockey, why not choose the horse he or she is riding? For Triple Crown races, in particular, plenty of horse racing fans support the mounts piloted by jockeys they prefer.

7. Do you have favorite number? Go for it.

Check your ticket before you leave the betting window. Skip the popular favorite. Hold onto that still-precious paper until official race results are posted. Do you have a distant uncle or former boss who knows the owner or trainer of one of the horses? Did a certain pretty or particularly athletic horse pass by in the paddock and catch your eye? Pick the one that interests you personally.

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Often, racehorses monikers draw fan interest. Pick a pedigree you recognize. Announce the type of bet you are making (such as to-win, win-place-show, the trifecta or another option). What fun is that?

Bloodlines are big business in horse racing. Tell the attendant how much you want to wager, and pass the cash through the window. This is considered a sissy bet at best.

March up to the betting window. If the favorite horse proves fastest, you might lose a few bucks. All publication rights reside with the author.

How can you pick a racehorse for betting or basic crowd cheering? You can read tip sheets and racing forms. If you bet and lose a modest amount, you can chalk it up to race-day festivities.

Whether one attends a Triple Crown race (i.e., the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, or the Belmont Stakes), a major stakes event, or an everyday horse race, these simple horse-picking strategies can make wagering or simple cheering intriguing for those who choose to participate.

Horse racing jockeys wear brightly colored jackets, called silks, provided by the equines owners. Mine That Bird, despite his odd name, surprised fans by winning that race in 2009. For those who wish to take horse racing a bit more lightly, here are 10 fun ways to choose your favorite.

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9. Certain riders tend to do well at particular racetracks or in specific race conditions. Looking at the race lineup, can you find a horse whose sire or grandsire has a familiar name? Why not go for good genetics?

Top riders are prime horse racing picks, and for good reason. Identify an individual interest.

6. However, horse racing is all about fun for everyone, from dyed-in-the-wool racing fans to business moguls, socialites, and celebrities. Be sure to mention the exact race you have chosen.

8. Turn it in for your winnings, or tuck it away for prosperity, if your horse fails to finish first. Give the name of the horse (or horses for a combination bet).

1. You could watch broadcasts and hear top horse racing handicappers proclaim personal picks. Don’t brag, if you bet on every horse, though.

Never reveal your own betting strategy. With a full field of 20 horses, it costs $40 to bet on every entry to win. Catch the catchiest name.

Each horse is assigned a post position, indicating the spot from which that horse will leave the starting gate. Place a small bet on every horse in the field. Go with your gut. Clamp onto your favorite color. If you are gaga for green, partial to pink, or totally about turquoise, bet on the horse bearing that hue.

Once youve selected your horse racing pick, heres what you do. Dont follow the crowd with this rookie tactic