Free kick for Germany, 35-40 yards out. Philipp Lahm: Bradley ends up losing the 50-50 battle. Couldn’t connect properly.

Ronaldo has the beating of the Ghanaian defence, but his teammates do not – he cuts a sorry figure as yet another chance that he creates goes begging as Ghana shut out the shot.

blytzus, they are indeed!

Michael Bradley vs. Crossing a ball ain’t easy even when you’re in form.

Morty, after GD then it’s goals scored, then head-to-head, then a drawing of lots.

The Ghana forward is still dangerous, cutting from the left and fizzing a low shot just wide of Beto’s right-hand post.

Half-chance for Germany: more good play up the middle before shifting the ball wide. superb recovery by Omar Gonzalez to get back ahead of the German and head it clear.

Klose is going to stay right between Gonzalez and Besler, and even if he doesn’t get the ball he can distract everyone from a different attacking run

@Matteui: I dunno there.

Nani shoots – it deflects up and over for a corner!

Chance for Germany! A couple of crosses are cleared but Boateng’s follow-up seems destined to meet Ozil’s forehead and end up in the game’s opening goal… 54 minutes in, and Portugal are pressing for more goals.

. Doubt they’ll shoot from there but Toni Kroos is sizing it up.

Nope, NOLA. Has a wide-open header but it’s awkward for him to meet and he twists the effort narrowly wide of the post. That was debunked.

Boye blocks out Nani’s shot well here – that’s better from the defender. Ozil finds Muller but his cross intended for Lahm or Klose just curls comfortably wide of the back post.

CHANCE FOR GERMANY! A cross finds its target as Klose gets free of Gonzalez and Besler