One thing about this movie, but people think — you and I and probably the 400 people who are here, we think we can compartmentalize our morality. You play a wall street titan, a benevolent billionaire on the outside. Just like today. They started to tell me what was going on. One of them is your wife. The phone wasn’t working. Like san sebastian, the whole town, the whole region comes out. The movie’s going to be a big hit. Yeah. He’s wealthy, yeah. I was here in new york. Everything. The wonderful, charities. Especially the european ones. You know, she’s gotten very comfortable with the lifestyle. The shopping. It’s just filled with love and affection. They’re all connected. I was making too good of a case. From the cops. The festivals that I’ve been to. The drinking. It was such a beautiful day. Were you in washington then? I was here. You have to be of a certain age and they start giving you this stuff. It recalls the bernie madoff scandal. The trainers. So, three hours later, I’m up there. Absolutely. Mid life. And I come into this retreat that’s on a lake. And everyone was okay. You knew nothing? I knew nothing until I got there because I had the radio off. I was driving up to massachusetts. And it was such a beautiful day. Richard, thank you very much.

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. Also getting honored, I saw at the zurich film festival. How do you think I’ve tolerated all this? Tolerated? What about me? What about the complaining. I left like 7:00 in the morning. I forgot this was the 11th until this morning. It’s very generous and very loving. I don’t know what’s going on. I think europeans are — the whole town comes out. If you look at her actions and where she’s coming from. She says one of the things you pull off here in the character, is everyone is watching this thing, knowing at some level, your character’s a very bad guy. It is getting such great reviews all across the country. But on the inside, your world seems to be crashing in on you. Talking to my producer, kate, about this early this morning. This is something ripped out of the headlines. The cell wasn’t working. You know, at the peak of your power right now. It doesn’t work that way. Our actions, our thoughts, our morality, resonates through every part of our lives. I didn’t even want the radio on. But you’re also rooting for him. That moment seems so fresh. I couldn’t call back home. Susan sarandon. Let’s show a little of that. The unhappiness. But it’s very nice. You remember, it was the most beautiful day. Thank you for sharing that. I finally got through to the family. I left early in the morning. Test Text1 plain On this 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we pause, now, to remember that moment, when the first plane hit the world trade center. This guy makes very bad decisions. It’s hard not to get caught up in that, richard. I don’t know if he’s a billionaire, by the way. If you really look at the film, there’s nobody in this film that doesn’t make some bad decisions. By the time, the movie was released, it had gone past bernie madoff, who was obviously a very sick man. You know, when we made the movie, bernie madoff was kind of the archetype of everybody’s idea of corruption, and money, funds, greed, and all that. But these are the dinosaur awards. He’s not quite a billionaire. I do want to move on to your movie. How does it feel to get the lifetime achievement awards? It’s a little premature. That’s what everybody was doing that day. And everyone is stunned. “Arbitrage” comes out friday. I’ve had close friends come up to me who were really angry with me because they were rooting for the guy. They’re more normal people, certainly living at a different stratosphere. And now, we’re seeing all these bankers and fund managers, who are more like us. But make the same kind of moral bad decisions. Yes, the charities. How do you think I pay for them? She wanted to cut that scene because I listed 50 things. Take sure your family is okay. And we’re back, now, in the studio, with our next guest, richard gere. The movie is not easy. And we remember the victims of those attacks, 11 years ago today. We had to pull some out. And in business we can be this, at home we can be this. Although, as you say, no. ? The land of the free and the home of the brave ? a bell tolls. One of the things you get into, are the masters of the universe, also try to create their own moral universe. And our other relationships. I was on my way to a retreat up in massachusetts