Yes, the Raiders might be a team to watch towards the end of the season, but right now, they don’t have it together.

According to a report by, Adrian Peterson should start to see more carries, but that might not equal a win against a stout 49ers defense that ranks sixth against the run.

The Titans rank dead last in rushing yards and points scored as they sit at 0-2. Week 3 has a number of exciting matchup’s which has left most of us scratching our heads as to who could win. Some may believe this could be a let-down game, but when you have a strong coach like Jim Harbaugh those types of games don’t exist.. Many bettors will search the casino’s or online books for the best spread, especially when dealing with a close point spread or avoiding a “hook.”

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings (+7)

One game that is just over the 3.5 total that may be on the way up is the Pittsburgh Steelers at theOakland Raiders. Because each touchdown and extra point equals seven points chances of losing or winning a bet significantly increase when a hook exists. You have to ask yourself, where is Chris Johnson in all this? Jake Locker leads the Titans in rushing yards!

In sports betting a hook is a half point added to the betting lines. Pick: 49ers (-7)

Last Week: 2-1

Detroit allowed 148 yards and a horrible 5.5 yards per carry against the 49ers and Matt Stafford hasn’t been good with a 73.2 quarterback rating with only two touchdowns and four interceptions.

My initial thoughts on this game were the Lions should have no problem with the worst team in the AFC South, but research it and you start to have questions.

A point spread can change at anytime before the game starts. In many situations the result could go either way and because of that we see 11 of the 16 NFL games underneath 3.5 points. When you bet on a point spread you are locked in to that spread even if it changes after you made your bet. The Steelers defense was dominant last week and that was without star players Troy Polamalu and James Harrison.

The Lions are only 20-37 against the spread as a favorite of 3.5 to 9.5 since 1992 and the Titans are 38-17 in non conference games since 1992.

The NFL schedule makers should be applauded for the effort they put into the 2012 season. (1.5, 2.5, or 3.5)

2012-2013 Season: 4-2

Look for the Steelers to brutalize the Raiders defensive line and run, run and run some more over them.Pick: Steelers (-4)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders (+4)

Four? Should be more like 14 shouldn’t it? The Raiders have only rushed for 68 yards in two games and star running back Darren McFadden is averaging a pathetic 2.1 yards per carry. Sure, if the games were only two quarters the Raiders might be 2-0, but the Raiders have trouble putting together a complete game. A number of things can happen such as; injuries, weather, and a significant amount of money coming in on one side.

Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans (+3.5)

It always makes me feel more comfortable without a hook on the end of a number. Think that is going to get any better against the Steelers? Pittsburgh is 89-56 against the spread as a favorite of 3.5 to 9.5 since 1992.

The San Francisco 49ers are on a roll while the Vikings seem to be going the opposite way after a loss to the Colts. The 49ers are 6-0 against the spread as a favorite of 3.5 to 9.5 over the last two seasons, including a win last week over the Detroit Lions. Pick: Lions (-3.5)

Overall Record: (202-63-2)

Here are the NFL picks Week 3: Pick 3 against the spread

The Vikings do have history on their side when it comes to the 49ers. Unless you feel strongly on one side or the other, taking the points is always a good option.

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If there is anywhere to get healthy and back on track it’s against this Titans team.

A Tennessee win would be improbable and a colossal upset if they came within 3.5 points. The 49ers have been unable to win at Minnesota since 1992 and the Vikings are 7-1 against the spread at home against the 49ers since 1985.

Traveling to the Black Hole is not an easy task for any team, but the Raiders look lost on defense