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One of the favorite bets of avid Major League Baseball fans is totals. Totals allow bettors to wager on something besides the winner of the game. That means when you click on them, and sign up, we get a small commission. We have played poker at all of the online sites. Totals betting deals with the total amount of runs scored in a game. What is the best way to stay up to date with us?

We have made millions of dollars in our lives betting.  Online gambling and betting is becoming huge this day and age and information is spread all over the place. These are meant to be fun yet informativ

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About Betting Blogger. So why would you want to listen to us? We are a team of individuals who have lived and breathed the betting industry since 2001. We know who you can trust and who you can’t trust.

Sign up for our weekly email newsletter. This is #1. There are many aspects to look into when considering betting on a Major League Baseba

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